Light Therapy For Dark Winter Days

Light Therapy For Dark Winter Days

Have you ever experienced a low in energy on days when the sun is not out? Or maybe you live in a part of the world with little sun in certain months. Some people are affected by the lack of sunlight. This can influence their mood and their overall sense of well-being. This condition was originally observed in 1845.

Sunshine was discovered to have an effect on pets’ seasonal activities such as hibernation and reproductive cycles. This was then connected to the condition of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or (Seasonal Affective Syndrome–Disorder makes it sound like something is wrong with us. 🙂 ). This suggests that when seasons transform, the body clocks inside our bodies change as well, causing them to “slip” away from our regular everyday routines. Scientific research concludes that January and February are the months that individuals affected by lack of sunlight may find more challenging.  Perhaps that’s why some take vacations to sunny parts of the world this time of year.

Light treatment has worked well to help people affected by lack of sunlight. Switzerland has excel in this discovery. There, light therapy is being looked upon as a medical therapy that is a far costly than medicine. Actually, light therapy in Switzerland has obtained recommendation from the federal government. It is considered reimbursable by medical insurer.

Light therapy in Switzerland and also in other locations around the world have been utilized as treatments for other conditions also, such as circadian disturbances as well as sleep conditions connected to jet lag.

There are portable light therapy boxes that you can take to the office with you. Or if you want a larger, stationary one, you can buy a light box. In fact, you can even make your own by using workshop light fixtures for the full-spectrum light.

Some full-spectrum light provides so much lighting that you may use your reading glasses less often.  For therapy purposes, 10,000 lumins is recommended.

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