Doing Yoga At Home

If you prefer the privacy of doing yoga in your own home, AND if you are somewhat new to yoga, here are some suggestions for you to get started.  Please don’t worry about doing the poses perfectly.  As your body increases flexibility, you will get better and better.  Just be comfortable and don’t push yourself.

Choose a quiet place.   If you can have the space dedicated to yoga, that would be great.

Wear light and comfortable clothing.   A warm bath or shower can help to limber up the body before you begin.   After you finish your yoga session, it’s best to wait at least 20 minutes before you take a shower.

If you’ve just eaten a meal, please wait 2 hours before you begin yoga.

Warm up with stretches before you begin.  Don’t force your limbs into the positions.   In time, it will get easier.   Be gentle with your body.  If you can only go so far today, that’s great.

Breathe slowly and smoothly.  When you need a rest, go into child pose.

It is better to have regular practice and have shorter sessions than to have one long session infrequently.   4 times a week for 40 minutes is better than once a week for 2 hours.  If you like to keep a journal on your yoga practice, you can jot down how long your session is, which pose feels good, how you feel during and after, even the day after.

Begin the session with easy moves, then move on to the less easy ones.  And end with cooling down.   Here’s a routine you can use for your session at home.

Centering, warm up, opening postures, challenging postures, cool down postures, shavasana

Listen to your body.   The length of the session depends on how experienced you are with yoga, your physical condition, your time availability, your fitness level.   Your body is the best guide of all.   If you like doing yoga in the privacy of your own home, you can also follow a DVD, so you have an instructor guiding you through the session.  Enjoy your practice, and in time, you will reap wonderful results from your consistency.



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